March 29, 2009

Top 5 Shoe Lust List!

Posted in Women's Fashion at 1:56 pm by styleed

Admittedly I’ve never been heaps crazy about shoes (I know, there’s something wrong with me), but it’s just in comparison with clothes and make up. That and the fact that I have a low pain threshold when it comes to shoes- I’m very into comfort! But slowly as the years have progressed, I’ve opened to different styles and am loving classic, good quality high heels, as well as my comfy flats- be it ballet flats or sandals.

So I’ve decided to list my current Top 5 Shoe Lust List! There is no order as I couldn’t decide which ones I like best!

Nicola Finetti Grey Patent Stacked Heel,


 Peep Toe  Shoes Miss Yankee Navy Heel,




Tilly Rose Miami Coral Jewelled Flats,


Christian Louboutin Nude Pumps


Nicola Finetti Stacked Black Gladiator Heels


Let me know your thoughts =)



  1. matt said,

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Petra said,

    mmm those nicola finetti gladiators are drool worthy.

  3. Naomi said,

    I love those gladiator heels too! Although, I prefer the flat gladiator sandals… much more comfy, and they go with nearly every outfit!

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