March 13, 2009

I have “Dyed” and gone to Heaven!

Posted in Women's Fashion at 12:47 pm by styleed

Ok, I know that tie/ dip dyed clothing has been in for a while, but it just didn’t “click” with me. Yeah, I thought it was cool, and at one stage I wanted to make my own design, but that lasted for about 5 minutes! So yesterday I went shopping with my friend and total credit to her, she picked out this awesome Ladakh dip dyed top with fringing! It was $70 and well worth the money as I could wear it with leggings or tuck it into a high waisted skirt! At the moment I’m trying to save money but I figure I’m definitely going to get a LOT of wear out of it, so I’m allowed! I’m a bit narrow-minded when it comes to thinking of creative ways to wear an item, so if you’ve got any ideas, I’m all ears! [I will post a pic of it soon!]

At the moment I’m seriously thinking of converting my wardrobe into tie dye masterpieces, but realistically I know it’ll end in tears. So, I have found some other tie/ dip dye items that have caught my eye!

Elissa Coleman Sienna Painted Dress,

Elissa Coleman Sienna Painted Dress

American Eagle Tie Dye Stripe Scarf, Eagle Tie Dye Stripe Scarf

Josh Goot Scoop Back Mini Dress,

Josh Goot Scoop Back Mini Dress

Miso Handkerchief Tie Dye Dress,

Miso Handkerchief Tie Dye Dress

For those of you who have yet to try their own tie dye creation, I’ve found a video on youtube that seems relatively fool-proof!

Good luck!

-Style Ed



  1. Petra said,

    LOVE the Josh Goot dress!! I can just imagine standing against the summer sky and being camouflaged in it.

  2. agentm said,

    Loving the AE scarfe!

  3. Winnie said,

    You could also wear the dress in winter too!!
    On top of a black t-shirt or skivy and leggings; some ankle boots plus a scarf =)
    But yea, the dress looks good just by itself too…

  4. Jen said,

    Also loving that scarf!
    Its a great way to touch into the tie dye thing without going all out, plus it doubles up for summer and winter! =D

  5. kristina said,

    I LOVE!!! THE TIE DYE DRESS!!! im going to a quincenera and i wanted to wear that!!! is there any posible way that i could bye that dress?? it’s the one pictured below…

    • styleed said,

      Yeah, the colours are beautiful! Unfortunately this isn’t an online website- I don’t sell the items shown here, I just write about them. You might want to check the website where I got the picture from, I believe it’s:

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