March 2, 2009

Alternative Accessories?

Posted in Women's Fashion at 1:31 pm by styleed

So while I was reading through Grazia’s February issue, I stumbled across this item: a Feather Choker by Angel Wings.Angel Wings Feather Choker

It was love at first sight! This is perfect for my collection of accessories, it’s so different and quirky, besides being a fantastic alternative to wearing normal necklaces! I can just imagine myself wearing this, with a simple tank top, skinny jeans, clutch and heels, strolling through the lanes of Paris… wait Paris? Ok, I’m probably getting a little too ‘Carrie-d’ away here (gotta love SATC), plus the fact that it’s sold out on 😦

But never fear, a solution is here!
They’ve also got another Feather Choker, this time with beading!

Feather Choker with Beading

I can’t make up my mind as to which one I love more… what do you think? Let me know your thoughts!

-Style Ed


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  1. Jing said,

    I think the one with beads (second one) still looks great. From the picture, the second one had a thinner black border, whereas the top one had a wider border, therefore i’d think you need to have a long neck for that to look good on you. But then, the top one looked more comfy around the neck than the second one, because i don’t like having beads pressed against my neck.

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